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Eligibility Age                      The minimum age required to rent a car is 20 years {Completed}, with a valid driving license.

Note:- Deduction of 600 Rs. will be applicable if age is less as per our policies.

Documents                          Driving license, Passport/Voter ID / Aadhar card. If the user does not present the above documents in original at the time of obtaining delivery of the vehicle, the company shall be entitled to refuse the delivery of the vehicle and cancel this agreement. user shall be forfeited by the company, subject to minimum of one day rental.

Who can collect the vehicle?

Only the person under whose name the booking/reservation is made can collect the vehicle after showing the prescribed documents.

GST                                      As per Govt. Rules.

Rental Period                      Rental period will be minimum of 24 Hrs From the user booking time. This 24 Hours shall be calculated from the time the user puts the picking time online.

Delivery / collection             Vehicle must be returned at the location from which it was picked up/hired.

Security deposit                   (A) Pay online with rental amount.

(B) Pay cash at the time of obtaining delivery of the vehicle.

Vehicle Certificate               Original RC, All India Permit, Insurance Document, Fitness, PUC & copy of Self-drive documents.

Accessories & Tools             Accessories & tools like Jack, Spare Tyre, MP3 Player, Tools etc

Fuel                                     The vehicle will be provided will a full tank of fuel. In case the tank is not full at the time of returning of the vehicle the user will be charged for short fuel along with 10% surcharge on fuel price.

Extra Day                             In case the user wants to extend his/her travel, there will be an additional charge of 50% on per day rental over and above the normal rental charges.

Grace time period                The user will be allowed a leverage of 1 hour for returning the vehicle. After the 1 Hour period has lapsed half day rental shall be forfeited from your security amount and if this period exceeds two hours than full days rental shall be forfeited from your security amount.

Returning vehicle late          There will the additional charge of 50% on per day rental.{Depend upon the hours}

Vehicle Damage                   Repair & damage charges to be paid by the user. In case damage cost goes beyond the security deposit of specifically rented vehicle, insurance claim may be filed and repair/depreciation amount ( in case of insurance claim ) & parts which are not covered under insurance (Such as Tyres, Tools, Windshield, accessory theft/misplaced, Interior Damaged, Crane Charges etc) will be recovered from the user to the full. The assessment of damage made by the company will be final. Insurance claim is subjected to the company’s discretion.

Replacement Vehicle           Replacement vehicle shall be provided within the city limits only (subject to availability of similar segment vehicle in the city) in all such cases where a vehicle develops mechanical error and restrains the user from its use, in a case, where the vehicle develops such errors outside the city limits, replacement vehicle will not be provided an amount equivalent to agreed rental will be refunded. Company decision related to replacement vehicle will be final.

Outstation                           When traveling out of state, it is always important to stop at RTO check post to pay the government applicable tax. Cost /penalties to such interstate tax, toll or any other govt. levied will be borne by the user directly.

Traffic Rule Violation           Cost of any traffic rule violation during the rental tenure will be borne by the user directly. In cases where challans are received by the company via post upon completion of the agreement, the company is allowed to charge to the user online. The user shall follow all the rules and regulations under applicable laws while driving the vehicle and otherwise including applicable speed limits

Cleanliness                          The company does not allow the vehicle to be used to carry pets, goods or any other object which can annihilate the upholstery/any part of the vehicle. In such event, the user will be penalized with the 30% surcharge on the actual cost towards repairing/cleaning of the interior/exterior of the vehicle.

Cancellation policy               Before 48 Hrs: Minimum Rs. 600 or 20% of the booking Amount, whichever is higher. Before 24 Hrs: Minimum Rs. 1200 or 25% of the booking Amount, whichever is higher. Within 24 Hrs: One day rental or 30% of the booking Amount, whichever is higher.

Booking canceled “ON” or “After” the pickup time or coming to claim the vehicle after 2 hrs of the pickup time shall be considered as “No Show” and the entire booking amount shall be forfeited by the company and the vehicle will not be provided and a fresh booking shall be needed to make by the customer.


In the event of misuse, the customer will be fully liable for any damage to the car including any third party losses. Following conditions will be considered as car misuse. Customer may be fined if found involved in any of the following:-

Over speeding: As per the Supreme Court ruling for new commercial vehicles customer can drive up to 80 km/hr as these vehicles have speed governors fitted as mandated by the government. For other vehicles, Speed Limit is 120/- km/hour.

  1. Instance:- Expulsion from Kayra Cabs Car Rental Service, if it happens again in next
  2. Instance:- Rs. 3000/- will be deducted from the security
  3. Instance:- Entire security amount will be
  4. Traffic Violation: Customer is liable to pay for any traffic violation tickets received during there journey.
  5. Car spare part changed: Customer should not change or remove any car spare parts. In case of emergency, the customer should inform the company and act as per advice. Customer will be charged a penalty of Rs. 5000 over and above the cost of the spare
  6. Tyre misuse: In case of any tyre damages resulting from driving in bad terrain and continue driving in case of tyre puncture, Customers will be charged for the cost of the tyre on actual plus and other service charges, as towing
  7. Running vehicle in damaged conditions: Customers are advised not to drive the car if it gets damaged in an Customers are required to inform the company immediately for advice. In the event, the Customer continues to drive the car in a damaged condition, repair for any consequential damages that may result, will be borne by the customer.
  8. Unauthorized activity in the car: Customers are not allowed to carry arms, ammunition and banned In addition use of the car for commercial activity such as product sales and promotions, and carriage of goods is strictly prohibited. Such customers will be charged a penalty of Rs. 50000 along with additional payment which rises due to any type of activity.
  9. External branding: Application of any form of external branding by pasting or paint, apart from what is applied by the company on the car, is prohibited. In such cases, customers will be charged a penalty Rs.
  10. Tempering with the device: If the customer is found tampering with any equipment supplied with the vehicle a penalty of 5000 will be imposed apart from statutory costs if any.
  11. Deliberately driving the car in water: Customers will be charged for the actual cost of repair and spare
  12. Tempered documents: If the customer is found using fake or tempered documents a penalty of 5000 will be imposed apart from statutory costs if any.
  13. Diversion: Customers are not allowed to drive the car into unauthorized or government banned areas. Customers are advised to inform the company in case they change the course of their trip. All the company cars are Geo-fenced and customers have to pay a penalty 10,000 if the car trespasses into banned areas, Naxal hit areas, an international border of the Republic of India and the extreme end of Laddakh.
  14. At the end of the journey, customers are expected to return the car only to a company representative or an authorized third party; failing which a fee of 5000 will be payable apart from recovery costs if any.
  15. We are not providing cars for marriage purpose (Doli). Extra charges of 3000 Rs applicable for the sedan or more & 2000 for other
  16. Neat and tidy car is delivered to the clients location,and same is expected from client .In case of dirty car washing charges are applicable,i.e Rs 200/- for small car ,Rs 350/- for mid segment and Rs 400/-  for SUVS.

Note:- We are not recommending for hill areas as it comes up with 800 cc engine, so if any problem occurs, the customer has to bear all expenses.

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